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And then there were four! Here we are in February and we are down to four real GOP candidates. Listen in as Mike and Matt break down the pros and cons (mostly cons) of Ron Paul, Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, , and Rick Santorum.

Key details are coming out in regards to the sanity of the candidates (can you say moon base and child labor?) and how they move forward.

In addition to this, Stephen Colbert continues to make news not only for his ego but also for his dedication to exposing the wretched Citizen’s United ruling. Speaking of which, funding is a huge issue this year as President Obama reveals his bundlers and returns lobbyist money while no one else will commit to do so.

This is a really long episode, mainly because we have been behind. We are planning out some news segments to recap undercovered issues and bring on our long awaited panelists. Two are cued up already and chomping at the bit! Look for more detailed coverage as the season wears on. Let’s get our lefty on!